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The Rocky Mountain Chapter welcome sponsors to support our activities.   Sponsorship from key members of the surface science and vacuum science community will be prominently acknowledged in all our publications and media.   Sponsors can also specify particular aspects of the meeting that they would like to support, such as poster prizes for students. For more information regarding sponsorship, contact Svitlana Pylypenko at [email protected] or Mike Simmons at [email protected].  Payments can be made either by check of Paypal.

Platinum sponsor – $1,000

  • Prominent display of a company wall-mount or pop up banner in the attendee registration / badge pickup area (provided by sponsor)

  • Website mention as platinum sponsor

  • 2 page ad in the program

  • Visibility during the technical sessions of symposium (slide show featuring sponsors during breaks)

Gold sponsor – $500

  • Website mention as gold sponsor

  • 1 page ad in the program

  • Visibility during the technical sessions of symposium (slide show featuring sponsors during breaks)

Silver sponsor – $300

  • Website mention as silver sponsor

  • 1/2 page ad in the program

  • Visibility during the technical sessions of symposium (slide show featuring sponsors during breaks)

If you have questions about sponsorships, contact Michael Simmons or Sviltana Pylypenko.

MKS Instruments is a global provider of instruments, subsystems and process control solutions that measure, monitor, deliver, analyze, power and control critical parameters of advanced manufacturing processes to improve process performance and productivity for our customers. Additional information can be found at

The R. D. Mathis Company specializes in the fabrication of high vacuum Evaporation Sources, Vacuum Materials, E-Beam Liners and Sputtering Targets for the thin film coating and metallizing industries. We offer a comprehensive selection of Tungsten, Molybdenum and Tantalum sources through our catalog as well as custom fabrication to meet your specific coating needs. A full selection of E-Beam Liners and High Purity evaporation materials and Targets such as gold, silver, nickel, aluminum, etc. are also available in a variety of purities and sizes. On display will be a wide selection of our standard evaporation sources, a variety of evaporation materials Targets and E-Beam Liners. Stop by and say hi. ISO9001 / AS9100 Certified

SynSysCo is the manufacturer of Omni™ Helium Compressors which integrate Sumitomo Cryopumps with other cryopump systems to provide OEM and End User new possibilities in system performance, value and support.  Omni™ Helium Compressors are excellent replacement units for legacy helium compressors in coating, 200mm Semiconductor and a variety of other Industrial and R&D applications.

In addition to its line of Omni™ Compressors and SDS dry industrial screw pumps, SynSysCo is also the North American Distributor for Sumitomo Marathon™ Cryopumps and Compressors, and Anest Iwata dry scroll pumps and dry air compressors, and a US Distributor for Kashiyama Dry Pumps and for Scroll Labs Miniature Dry Scroll pumps.   We service and support all the products we sell from our facilities in Montrose, Colorado

Nor-Cal Products serves the global needs of industry and research as a trusted source for highly-configured custom vacuum chambers, weldments and integrated systems supported by over 6,000 standard components, including valves, controllers, traps, flanges, fittings, viewports, feed-throughs, flex-hose, transfer devices and more. Download catalogs, specifications and 3D drawings or order online at

Reduce out-gassing & eliminate virtual leeks with RediVac® Fasteners and O-Rings from UC Components. Speed your pump-down with vented, slot-vented, coated, plated, polished, cleaned & baked screws as well as de-gassed fluoroelastomer seals. Thousands of sizes available to meet your vacuum application needs. Visit & buy online today @

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